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Continuing with technological developments


We have found a number of solutions for capacity expansion challenges: after introducing last year an innovative service to the manufacturing industry last year, the complete industrial project management, and organizational development and production management processes, we are focusing on technological developments this year.


With the upgrading of our machine park, together with the optimization of the current building's capacity and the integration of the company's management system, it has become possible to increase capacity and productivity without the need of area and staff increase avoiding two very expensive options. The next step is automation through mounting robots on our all our machines. This is a costly process which is only cost-effective beyond a certain production level. However, as a result of industry 4.0 and the increase in personalized mass production requires automation and the utilization of freely programmable robots. If we look into the future, we are more likely to see that in the current production site the technological development direction goes not only towards the purchase of newer machines - in addition to the older machines to be replaced - but to the automation and the creation of a network that is increasingly using info communication technology and the optimum use of the current square meter and machine capacity.


Further capacity expansion will be achieved by technological development. We replaced two 10-year-old CNC machining centres and also added a third machine : a 1000x500 millimeter toolpath and a tool insert with milling machine and a 30000 rpm/min speed electrode with milling machine. 


This year we are concluding a multi year development process in accordance to our plans made in 2014 when GIA Form moved into its new state of the art manufacturing site in order to double the manufacturing capacity through the development of our machine fleet. 


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